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Shaping Futures Scholarships were available to support students this year.


students in need applied for a Shaping Futures Scholarship in 2024.

Shaping Futures Scholarships

Please donate today to fund new scholarships so inspiring students like Grace overcome hardship and thrive.

Grace wanted to show her three children that with hard work, anything is possible.

But two years into her Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science degree, the costs of childcare, housing and bills had become overwhelming.

Without support, students may be forced to withdraw from their degrees. Please help make sure they don’t have to by donating today.

Grace began her studies through Open Foundation, a free pathway program to higher education which the University of Newcastle has been offering for 50 years.

At the time, she was a new mum to her son Jonah. He was born with a physical disability and needed to attend several medical appointments each week.

It was an incredibly stressful and worrying time, but it also made Grace even more determined to complete her Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science and make a difference in the community.

“I saw the difference empathetic healthcare professionals can make with a bit of levity, kindness, and extra care,” Grace explains.

Grace worked as much as she could, in between the kids’ sports, school pickups, and the daily therapy that Jonah needs. She studied late at night when her children were asleep.

It was a struggle, but she refused to give up.

Despite her immense determination, Grace reached a crisis point.

Thankfully, Grace reached out to the University, and was encouraged to apply for a Shaping Futures Scholarship. Then kind people like you transformed her life.

“When I got my scholarship, I cried with relief,” she says.

“It allowed me to pay for childcare and make ends meet during placements. It meant I could stay on top of bills and groceries. It meant I could move forward.”

Will you please give that same opportunity to somebody else, by donating to help fund 20 more Shaping Futures Scholarships?

1.The University of Newcastle covers all administration costs so that 100% of all funds raised go directly to the cause supported.

Your donation will support Shaping Futures Scholarships.

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